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Learn English Effortlessly Without Studying

The Easilang system consists of an instantly downloadable book and audio-track that combine to create a powerful language learning aid. When you download an Easilang book, you also get access to the exclusive Easilang app, available for iOS and Android, so that you can learn in your own time, wherever you may be.

There are:

  • No vocabulary lists to memorise
  • No complicated exercises to complete
  • No tests. 

Simple, effortless, natural

As babies, we acquired language without stress, strain, or studying. We listened to our mother tongue being used in context, and our understanding of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar grew organically and effortlessly.

Learning a new language as an adult can be very different. Courses, classes, software and textbooks approach language systematically, and that important experience of hearing the language being used naturally is often missing. Without it, language study can feel artificial, frustrating, difficult, and slow.

Easilang uses your mother tongue to open up the world of a new language. As you listen to the story and follow along with the text, you’ll hear the words being used in context, just as they are in real life. Your familiarity and comfort with the language will grow naturally each time you open the book.

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