Q. The text in my mother tongue seems to be full of grammatical mistakes. Why?

A. The Easilang system works by using your mother tongue as a key to unlock the new language. We simply match each word directly to its English translation within the sentence. Because word order and grammar vary widely between languages, this can result in a “jumbled” appearance. Actually, it works to reinforce your understanding of the words in the context of the new language.

Q. How can this work when I do not speak a word of English?

A. Because the knowledge of your mother tongue is the tool you use to understand the story, you will understand each new English word as you encounter it. Only those words which are not familiar in your own language would produce a difficulty.

Q. How can I read two lines of language at once?

A. Our brains are exceptional, and studies have shown that we use a great deal of our peripheral vision in reading. Moreover, the gentle pace of Easilang’s audio reading gives your eyes and brain ample time to take in and understand both lines of text, even in two languages.

Q. How do I know it will work for me?

A. Easilang is a natural extension of the way you learned your mother tongue as a child. We use what you already know – the words of your mother tongue – to help you understand the meaning of what you are reading and hearing.

Q. Do I need to read the book more than once?

A. Yes. Learning with the Easilang system is a gentle, natural process, and the more time you give it to work, the better your results. Each time you read an Easilang book, you’ll find yourself understanding more, and needing to rely on your mother tongue less.

Q. Why do I need music in the background – surely it will distract me?

A. Scientific studies show that when music is played at 60 beats per minute – the same as your resting heart rate – our brain produces alpha waves similar to those at the point one reaches just before going to sleep. This state can induce relaxation, improve concentration, and minimise distractions, helping you learn more quickly and easily.

Q. Why do I need to listen to the words being read to me?

A. Listening is the way we all learned our first words, and our brains still respond to new language in the same way. Hearing the Easilang stories read aloud has many benefits:

Q. Why is it so cheap?

A. E-books are simple to download, require no stock or warehousing and have low production costs. Our investment is in the development and design, which we can still recover by selling at a price everyone can afford.

Q. Will my details be used for further mailings?

A. Not only will we not pass your details on, we will only contact you if you contact us or invite  us to write to you again by signing up for our newsletter.

Q. Do you have all round support?

A. Yes – in every language.

Q. Will there be more stories and books?

A. Yes - we will be adding more.

Q. If I have any further questions can I contact you?

A. You can raise any further questions via our contact page or by joining the Readers’ forum.