Who Uses Easilang?

As an introduction to English, Easilang is a great language learning solution. The flexibility and simplicity of the program makes it perfect for those who want effortlessly explore the idea of a new language, as well as those wanting a solid foundation as preparation for deeper study.

The Visitor

Whether you’re a tourist or a business traveller, a little bit of English knowledge can go a long way. You may not want to undertake a long and complicated course of study for a short visit, but the usual basic phrasebooks are awkward to use and lack the flexibility you need to really understand and communicate in a new language.

Spending a bit of time with Easilang before you take your trip allows you to effortlessly learn the basics of real world English spoken by natives in the UK, all without studying. It is a wonderful way to feel more comfortable during your visit. You’ll be introduced to a useful vocabulary drawn from commonplace, everyday situations. By hearing English used in its natural context, you’ll get a better understanding of pronunciation and usage, all without spending hours in a classroom or dealing with complicated software and textbooks.

The Serious Student

You may be a recent immigrant, or someone who wants to learn English to broaden your employment options. Whatever your reasons, the Easilang system is a helpful and effortless first-step on your journey to fluency. You’ll gain familiarity and confidence with the new language in your own time, without effort, pressure, stress, or great expense.

If you do decide to move on to more formal study, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build your success. Continuing to use Easilang as a language learning aid alongside your course will help you grow in your understanding of the way English is spoken in the real world. Listening to an Easilang book will always help you foster a natural connection to the music of the language.