The Easilang Approach


Easilang lets you begin your journey with the English language in a matter of minutes. The Easilang system consists of an instantly downloadable ebook with an accompanying audio track. As soon as you purchase an Easilang book, you’ll receive a link which will let you download Easilang with just a few clicks. Your Easilang download also includes a unique mobile app, which lets you access Easilang from your phone, tablet, or other mobile device whenever and wherever convenient.

Both the downloadable books and app have been designed to be quick and simple to use. When learning is convenient, you’ll always find time to explore the English language with Easilang.

What you need

To succeed with Easilang, there are only two things you’ll need:

1. Your Mother Tongue

The language you already know is a powerful tool. Easilang harnesses the power of your mother tongue to unlock your understanding of each English word as you encounter it.

2. An Open Mind

We’ve all been given a lot of messages about learning a new language. You might believe that studying English is likely to be a difficult, intense and intimidating process. Because Easilang is unique, you may be surprised by the simplicity of the system, and you might wonder how it’s possible to learn English with so little effort. It may seem strange to you that you can begin to understand a new language without studying the rules of grammar.

When you open your mind, let go of your preconceptions and relax with Easilang, you’re opening the door to a new world of language learning without stress, strain, or study.

How it works

Easilang is based on the natural way we all learned to speak as children. Through compelling, carefully composed stories, you’ll encounter useful everyday vocabulary and immediately begin to understand your new language without effort.

Each Easilang book combines an audio track with a specially laid out text. Gentle background music plays at 60 beats per minute – the same as your resting heart rate – to promote relaxation and help you tune out distractions. As the music plays, the Easilang story is read out loud to you, in English, so that you can hear how each word is pronounced.

To learn more about the Easilang books and how you can learn English effortlessly without studying, take a look inside.