Take a Look Inside

Our books have been written to gently introduce you to the English language while engaging you in compelling, relatable stories. Here's a glimpse at the stories you'll encounter through Easilang.

Life in England - A Series of Short Stories

In this book, you’ll be introduced to a series of short stories about everyday life and incidents drawn from the experiences of real people. Each chapter has been carefully designed to include substantial, usable vocabulary. Because all of the words are used in context, you’ll naturally be able to learn, understand, and memorise each word exactly as it’s used out in the real world.

As a visitor or new immigrant to an English speaking country, you’ll gain comfort and familiarity with the language, with no effort on your part. Easilang is a simple way to dispel anxiety about learning a new language, helping you to feel confident and prepared.

A New Life

A New Life follows the story of a young German couple, Thomas and Anna. When Thomas loses his job, they decide to use this setback as an opportunity to change their lives.

The story explores the challenges, troubles, and triumphs of their new life. Together, they face moving everything to a new country, finding a job in England, and needing to learn a language that neither of them speak.

The book takes an in-depth look at what it’s really like to leave everything familiar behind in a quest to carve out a better future for themselves and their young family.

As a reader, you’ll feel part of the adventure as it unfolds. You’ll watch Thomas and Anna struggle to overcome the ordinary problems and the emotional issues of building a whole new life in a foreign country, and while you’re immersed in the story, you’ll also be immersed in the English language.

Inside the Book

The screenshot below gives you a chance to preview the unique format of an Easilang book. The faint background music promotes relaxation and helps you to absorb the language naturally as you listen. Because the text is being read to you, you’ll immediately understand exactly how to pronounce each word you encounter, and you’ll grow familiar with the rhythm of the English language. Eventually, you can try reading the book without the sound, to test your knowledge and discover any words you should review.

The special layout allows you to follow along with the English text at your own pace, stopping and starting as you see fit, with the word-for-word translation in your mother tongue visible underneath. Each word is matched directly under its English translation, which may mean that your mother tongue appears jumbled or grammatically incorrect. Don’t worry! This is done to reinforce your understanding of the vocabulary in the context of English grammar and usage. Each time you read the book, you’ll find that you’re relying on the translation less and less. It’s that easy.